Monetizing a Website

Monetizing your own website is the desired result of your building and marketing steps. Actually, it is the most beautiful part of the job that increases your motivations and keeps you working, testing and improving your projects all the time.

In fact, like other steps, it cannot be considered as a totally separated part. You can start monetizing your web pages from the very first steps, but, in the entire process, we can give it a special place. So, the fourth step of making your own website is being able to make money and earn profits from your web pages.

Website monetizing is something that generates a cash flow system for your business. So if you are spending time and money on your website, you want something to help you keep running your projects. Otherwise, why would you want to continue and waste your time and money? So, if you cannot monetize your website after a while, you may regard it as a failure. Because, in most cases, the ultimate goal of building a website is making money. Right?

On the other hand, you will hardly get results overnight. It is actually a process that may take some time. Don´t get me wrong! Making a website for commercial purposes is a business. It is true that you don´t need to spend a lot of time and start up capital for running this kind of business, but you should be patient. Don´t expect to earn thousands of dollars in a matter of days! Getting rich quick is not real.

But, you will be able to earn good money if you complete the previous steps properly and elegantly. So, monetizing a website is not that hard itself. Like I said before, it is a beautiful result of your earlier efforts.

Basically, you can monetize your website with 3 different main methods. In my personal point of view, every single website on the Internet makes money from one or more monetization ways mentioned below:

1. Selling Your Own Stuff:

If you own a product or service, the main monetization method of your own web pages will definitely be selling your own stuff. Actually, you will have an e-commerce website where you will offer your audience a number of your items and in most cases get 100% of the sale to your pocket. In fact, this method has its advantages and disadvantage. So, it may not apply to everyone.

2. Selling Other People’s Stuff:

Frankly, not everyone has his own stuff to sell. So, there should be an opportunity for people to sell other´s stuff and earn commissions or referral fees. That´s why this kind of monetization method has been created. Here is how it works: you promote other´s products and services by sending your visitors to their websites and get paid whenever a desired action has been performed.

For instance, that action can be a purchase (Sale) or a sign up (Lead). This kind of business model is called Affiliate Marketing and by far is the best and easiest way to make good money online. But, I don´t mean it is as easy as 1.2.3. Due to the heavy competition out there, you will find it hard to promote other people´s stuff. Do it correctly and you will earn too much money.

3. Selling Advertising Space:

I have decided to put this monetization method as a separate one, because I do believe that there is a large difference between selling advertisement and affiliate marketing concept. Advertising can be covered everything from pay per click and pay per impression to sponsored posts and reviews.

Whatever method you choose for monetizing your website, be sure to test and track your efforts and don´t expect to get best results as quick as possible. Although this step is the most simple step of the entire process, but you should implement some strategies and techniques to achieve high grade of success.

In the next posts, I will cover each and every one of the above-mentioned methods in more details. So, stay tuned and subscribe to my RSS Feed right away, because you don´t certainly want to miss out a single tip, right? OK, and also, feel free and share this blog with your friends. I really appreciate that! 


Hooshmand Moslemi