Creating & Publishing Content

Creating & Publishing Content is the core element of building a site and should be considered as a high priority task. In fact, it is the content of your website that attracts visitors to your web pages and keeps them coming back and recommending your site to other people. You may have heard that the content is king.

To be honest with you, if your content is not valuable, you would lose your audience very soon. People are looking for high-quality and fresh information, stuffs that give them value. You need to provide your visitors with helpful content. Otherwise don´t expect any success!

Different Types Of Content

Currently, there are millions of web pages on the World Wide Web in different topics and subjects. But, if you pay close attention to their contents, you will soon realize that there are only 4 different types of content:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Video

Each and every website may contain one or more of the mentioned content. Period!

What Is a Good Content?

A good content brings a lot of traffic to your website. But, first off, you will need to know what a good content is. Basically, there are a number of features a great content may have. If you take them into consideration, you will be able to create a good content for your website. Here are a few tips:

1. Your Content Should Be Unique.

It is the uniqueness of your content that makes it outstanding. Honestly, nothing is more harmful to a website than a duplicated content. Don´t ever copy other´s work! Your content should offer something new and unique in a way. Just copying someone else´s content may hurt your reputation. If necessary, quote other´s content and give them credit by mentioning their names and websites. If you read something valuable and want to add it as your site content, write it with your own words. That would be fine. But, never copy!

2. Your Content Should Be Valuable.

A valuable content is something that gives value. It can be a helpful article, an instructional video, an inspirational music or a fresh news. The very first question your visitors may ask is: “What´s in it for me?” Even if you are going to sell or promote something, do it in a way that your audience would find it valuable. By over-delivering great information to your visitors, you will be giving value and getting credit.

3. Your Content Should Be Relevant.

You have to deliver content to your visitors in a way that they would need or expect. If they are looking for a particular piece of information, provide them with what they want exactly. Remember, relevancy is the secret key to success in this process. Putting the right things in front of the right people is called a successful business and you should take it into account, as well.

4. Your Content Should Be Fresh.

Would you bother visiting a website that has not been updated for a long time? I would not! Both visitors and search engines love fresh content and they rush to check out websites with new updated content. If you want your site traffic to boost, update your website more frequently! An updated website is like a live web page and ranks high in the search results.

5. Your Content Should Be Accurate.

Whatever your content is, it should be accurate. Providing false information may hurt your credit. Sometimes, your content can be regarded as personal opinion, but it still needs to be correct and well-formatted. For example, if it is an article, it should be accurate, well-written and spell-checked. If it is a news, it should be well-reported and source-checked. Remember that people would very soon notice false information and ignore it.

How To Publish Your Content To The World Wide Web?

Once you are done with your site design and content, you will have to publish it to the Internet on your host. That way, your visitors would be able to see, read and use your actual website content when they check out your web pages.

Publishing a website to the Internet is not that hard. You can either use a content management system, an HTML editor or an FTP client to publish your web pages. In the next posts, I will get through each of them in more detail.

As I mentioned before, providing a great and fresh website content gives value to the audience and brings credit to the author. In fact, this step is not a separate step in the whole process and should be done in parallel with other steps. You will soon realize that even Marketing and Monetizing steps are totally dependent on creating a good content. Stay tuned, because I will be revealing more information in the next posts. Subscribe to the Blog RSS Feed right away!


Hooshmand Moslemi