Selling Your Own Stuff

Selling Your Own Stuff is one of the ways of website monetization. In most cases, the main goal of your own website can be introducing and selling your own products or services.

Own stuff you could sell on your website can be categorized into 4 main groups. Further, we will be talking about each of them in detail.

  1. Physical Products
  2. Digital Products
  3. Offline Services
  4. Online Services

No matter what you are going to sell on your website, it is highly essential for you to know what kind of customers you will attract. That way, you would know how to build and market your own website that is created around your own stuff.

Now, we are going to get through each groups of stuff very briefly and concisely. More specific information will be added later.

1. Physical Products:

These kind of stuff can take any form of tangible goods and products from handmade to factory-made. Electronics, Apparel, Tools, Foods, you name it. You can be an independent merchant or an online retail store. You can even have your own offline store and need a website as your official web page. The point is to reach more customers as much as possible.

That´s why creating a functional and user-friendly web store is so important. Your website should reflect your hard goods and products in a way that attracts the visitors attention, increases their interests and calls them to action which is purchasing your own physical products.

Apart from your own business website which is your own brand on the Internet, you will need the following tools, as well:

  • Order Processing System
  • Product Shipping Management
  • Customer Support Center

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2. Digital Products:

These stuff are commonly every products that can be delivered digitally. E-Books, E-Guides, E-Courses, E-Sounds, Software are a few examples of digital products. You, as the owner of the product, will need to have your own website, a place where people will be able to read and review your sales pitch and buy your E-Goods.

Again, you will need some other tools aside from your own website to sell your digital products.

  • Order Processing System
  • Product Delivery Management
  • Customer Support Center

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3. Offline Services:

Promoting an offline service through website is not a new concept. Today, each real local business has an official website where people can visit and browse the latest news and offers. Dentists, Consultants, Real Estate Agencies, Sport Clubs are all a few examples of services that can be promoted online, as well.

In this case, you would be let off with the Product Shipping or Delivery System, but the following tools remain important:

  • Order Processing System
  • Customer Support Center

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4. Online Services:

These stuff are services that can be only delivered online. The difference between them and digital products is that Online Services are mainly accessible on the web like a program. But, digital products are commonly downloadable stuff.

Membership Programs are the best examples of this group. While building an Online Service is not a regular task for every average guy, it is possible. There are many services on the web created by ordinary people just because of providing value to the end users. Now, the owners have become the top Internet entrepreneurs.

The following tools might be necessary for building an Online Service, apart from the official website:

  • Order Processing System
  • Membership Database Software
  • Customer Support Center

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Although selling your own stuff is a time-consuming and complicated process and may not fit everyone, it is a profitable online business. Because after paying the handling, inventory, management and shipping fees, the rest of income is all yours. You won´t need to share it with anyone else.

So, if you have your own product or service, you should think about building an E-Commerce Website where you can reach more customers online, locally or globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Wish You the Best!

Hooshmand Moslemi