Top 10 Affiliate Networks

What are the Top 10 Affiliate Networks?

Affiliate marketing, one of the best monetization methods, is still hot and every month new networks are added to the large list of affiliate networks. However, not every network is worth trying. You should work with those that provide you with a huge list of reliable merchants or advertisers giving you generous offers.

With that being said, every year reliable Internet Marketing blogs and services prepare a list of top 10 or 20 networks according to the user’s votes, reviews and feedback. Therefore, I thought to write a post and let my loyal visitors know about them. I am an affiliate to most of the following networks and this list is also recommended by me based on my personal experience:

Top 10 Affiliate Networks:

1. ClickBank:

If you want to get started as an affiliate marketer, this network is highly recommended. Not because it’s a network of digital products which sell better on the Internet, but also because of high payout. On top of that, you sign up once and then can start promoting more than 10,000 products.

2. Commission Junction:

My second favorite network with a huge list of super merchants and advertisers. You need to sign up and be approved first and then apply to each merchant individually in order to be able to promote their products and services. Their support is awesome and payout is very facilitated.

3. ShareASale:

One of the best performance marketing networks where you find high quality affiliate offers. It is a big private company with a great reputation on the market.

4. oneNetworkDirect:

When it comes to software marketing, I highly recommend Digital River’s oneNetworkDirect. The site is very user-friendly and approval process is quick. The network contains a comprehensive digital marketplace.

5. LinkShare:

Another leader in the affiliate marketing industry that is owned by Japanese company Rakuten offering foreign language and currency capabilities.

6. Amazon:

You can literally promote everything under the sky with the Amazon Associate Program. However, the commissions are not very generous here. Still, the network provides tons of marketing tools.

7. ClickSure:

This website is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks that offers a wide range of best-converting digital products with high payouts.

8. TradeDoubler:

One of my favorites which is founded in Sweden and now is covering more than 15 different markets in Europe. It’s very easy to get approved and started.

9. eBay Partner Network:

If you want to drive traffic to products and items listed on eBay, then this network is for you. A reliable website powered by eBay itself with the Quality Click Pricing (QCP) payout system.

10. LinkConnector:

A new but powerful network offering many featured advertisers that some of them are exclusively available on this website. Worth trying.

You see, the list goes on and on. You can instantly join many of the above mentioned networks and start promoting the offers. However, there is no point to join a lot of networks and do nothing. In fact, you need to take action. It’s better to start with a few networks and see how they work. After some grade of success, you can move on and expand your affiliate business.

To Your Success,

Hooshmand Moslemi

A Powerful Web Development Industry

Web Development is a process of developing websites from scratch including domain name register, hosting, site design, network security and even e-commerce creation. In the industry, there are tons of companies giving such services enabling small business owners to have online presence. The upside of having a web development company is relying on an all-in-one business package which gives the users all the needed tools and features. The only downside I could see is the price. However, you would save tons of time and energy by picking a web development service.

Market America Web Centers is one of those companies. With a long-term experience in developing websites, this powerful company has gained a positive reputation on the Internet and provided the essential tools and services for any types of clients.

Very briefly, I’m going to point out some of their top features:

  • Web Hosting Services such as Domain, Storage, Bandwidth, Email Package including POP3 Accounts and Autoresponders and much more.
  • E-Commerce Solutions such as Product Catalogs, Billing and Payment Options and tons of other e-commerce solutions.
  • Web Design Solutions such as Professional Layouts, Rich Text Editor, Flash Editing Tool, Thumbnail Creator and a lot more.
  • A Great Technical Support, Top Network Security empowered by their Ultra Secure Servers and tons of other tools are also worth mentioning.

Speaking about E-commerce websites, I stumbled upon one site developed by Market America Web Centers and wanted to share it here:

Market America: An Internet Marketing Company with a huge database of customers and distributors worldwide providing features such as comparison shopping, customer reviews, live chat assistance and a powerful search engine.

“Built On Product, Powered By People” is Market America’s slogan and I think it explains everything. What I like about this e-commerce website is the concept behind it. People actually get paid to shop from this international marketplace. They offer generous Cashback on many eligible purchases. The support is always available and makes the site a more comfortable environment for any user and customer.

Market America International Convention is another related website giving all the needed information for any Market America Event. Since the company is available in many regions such as Northeast, Southeast, Mideast and even Canadian regions, it’s vital to know upcoming events like seminars, trade shows and conventions in each region. This website is created for providing such information and even gives possibility to register for any sponsored event.

Market America Profiles is another site powered by Market America that announces the profiles of successful distributors and franchise owners and lets you know about their accomplishments and achievements. This is a unique opportunity that gives people inspiration and provides them with successful patterns. So, it benefits not only the distributors by giving them recognition, but also other users by offering them good examples.

Web Development Industry is very broad and lucrative. If you select a good one, then you’ll be good to go for getting an online presence and achieving real results. Just try to choose a well-established company with years of experience, good reputation and powerful profile. That way, you would speed up your online success!

To Your Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi, CEO Of