TOP Motivational Business Quote #2 –

TOP Motivational Business Quote #2:

TOP Motivational Business Quote #2

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Vince Lombardi

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9 Hidden Free Traffic Sources For Your Website

Traffic is the lifeblood of any web business whether you have your own website or not. Getting free traffic is an advantage over the paid alternative since you can test your channel without losing any money. However, it may require more work and take a longer time to test and analyze.

9 Hidden Free Traffic Sources For Your Website

Receiving fresh and targeted visitors to your website may result in more actions such as leads and sales which will bring more cash to your business if you have a right sale funnel in place. The smartest thing is to direct the traffic to an appealing squeeze page where you can capture emails and save visitor’s data for future communication. That way, you would not waste your traffic.

9 Hidden Free Traffic Sources For Your Website

Here, I’ve laid out “9 Hidden Free Traffic Sources For Your Website” which can help you get started and receive a ton of fresh and targeted traffic to your web pages. These sources have not been announced so much and that’s why they’re hidden and untapped.

These traffic sources may help you in two ways: one is getting direct traffic when you’ll get real visitors to your site through your content on these sources and the other one is getting better search engine optimization since many of these sources are highly-respected by the search engines including Google.

Go ahead and create account on each and every source, read their terms and conditions, browse them and start adding content and getting traffic!

Traffic Source #1: Quora

Quora Logo

Quora is a website based on questions and answers. In fact, it is a knowledge resource where users can ask questions and get real answers.

For a web business owner, it is an incredible opportunity to find new ideas to talk about, open communication lines with your prospects and build your presence by brand awareness. Whatever you do, don’t aggressively self-promote yourself!

Traffic Source #2: Logo is blogging platform where users can add texts, links, images, audio, video, files, quotes, reviews and much more.

As a web business owner, you might create an account and start blogging in this platform by adding more valuable content. The more you publish, the more exposure you’ll get!

Traffic Source #3: Alltop

Alltop Logo

Alltop is a information collection source which enables users to create and share headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic.

As a website owner, you have to create an account and add feeds to your page. That way, you would get a lot of interested users to your topic. Recently, they don’t allow users to add their website feed, but you can suggest them here:

Traffic Source #4: RebelMouse

RebelMouse Logo

RebelMouse is a digital publishing platform where users can build an engaged community by creating vibrant content.

As an individual web publisher, you can organize all your content into a real-time social website that displays very beautifully in all devices.

Traffic Source #5: Klinkk

Klinkk Logo

Klinkk is a sharing platform and blogging community where users can share their knowledge by posting blog posts and website links.

As a website owner, you need to sign up and then start submitting new posts, create a blogging community and build connections.

Traffic Source #6: Tutorialized

Tutorialized Logo

Tutorialized is a web source for Photoshop and Flash Tutorials where user can submit a tutorial and link to his/her website if that fits in the category.

Although, it’s mostly a Photoshop and Flash tutorial source, but you can find many other categories such as graphics, web design, business development and much more. If you have a website that can take advantage of tutorials, go for this traffic source!

Traffic Source #7: APSense

APSense Logo

APSense in a nutshell is a business social network where users connect each other and share their businesses with the network. It’s an amazing source of free traffic to your websites.

As a website owner, you need to create a free account, build contacts, make a network, create articles, explore others content, join groups and discussions and get engaged. That way, you’d good to go getting massive targeted free traffic to your own web pages.

Traffic Source #8: IBOTOOLBOX


IBOTOOLBOX is an independent business owner social network where users can get connected to each other and build their brands by posting and sharing content.

For a business owner, this network is a unique opportunity where you can get huge amount of targeted visitors to your websites. However, this source mostly works for “Internet Marketing” and “Make Money Online” niches.

Traffic Source #9: Logo is actually another social website which enables users to share snippets and links to the Internet Marketing type content.

If you have a website within the IM or MMO niche, then go right ahead and create an account in this amazing social website, get connected with other people in the niche and receive fresh traffic to your websites.

What’s Your Hidden Traffic Source?!

I don’t know how many of the above mentioned hidden traffic sources were known to you. Anyways, I wanted to share with you something valuable and I would really appreciate if you could do the same and tell us what your hidden traffic sources are. Leave your precious thoughts right below!

12 Types Of Affiliate Websites

12 Types Of Affiliate Websites

Affiliate Marketing is probably one of the most profitable and reliable money making methods on the Internet, a concept which has been around for more than two decades now and will certainly be there for years to come, as well.

12 Types Of Affiliate Websites

I’m not going to explain here what affiliate marketing is about and how to do it because the other 24,000,000+ websites out there have done it well in different languages. What I’m going to share with you here could be more helpful whether you’re a newcomer or an advanced user. You can pick one of the 12 Types Of Affiliate Websites I’ve laid out below and start building your web business around that one.

When it comes to online marketing, nothing is more important than trust and creditability. While in the physical world, each and every sale is closed based on many factors, in the online world though trust comes first and whether you are selling your own products or other’s, you have to build that trust in your audience.

Affiliate marketing is not an exception either and its success relies on many factors including trust. You have to gain credit from your audience and become expert in your industry and they will come and become your customers.

With that in mind, while building your website, you should always think how you can add more value to your readership for gaining more trust, this mindset is so important in brainstorming and building your own website.

12 Types Of Affiliate Websites

Here, I’m going to show you some generic examples of affiliate websites, on which you can build your web business and generate affiliate commissions. Bear in mind that these categories are just conventional and one affiliate website can include more than one type.

1. Squeeze Pages:

These are the easiest yet most powerful affiliate websites I’ve ever known. You build a simple Squeeze Page (Landing Page or Opt-In Page), collect users’ information especially their email addresses and communicate with them by email marketing. I highly recommend this type of affiliate web page and suggest every affiliate marketer to have at least one squeeze page on their websites.


2. Blogs:

Whether it’s a personal blog with your own name as a brand or a business blog for your company, it’s another effective affiliate website where you can share your thoughts, ideas and news with your audience and interact with the readership by providing fresh and newly-updated content. The more valuable posts you add, the more engagement you get.


3. Forums:

As a forum owner, you have the ability to maintain a community of users with a similar topic in mind. You are the one who sets the rules, moderates, edits and controls the entire forum. You can also run ads, reviews and promotional messages. The more users you get, the more income potential you gain.


4. Niche Review Websites:

These types of content websites are made of a few web pages reviewing different products within a certain field. That way, your users consider your website as an expert in that topic who reviews the relevant products. You should be very careful while trying to review and recommend products and services, it should be done in an ethical and professional way. Remember to add value to the readership by providing great review content that is unbiased and well-written!


5. General Review Websites:

These are huge content-based websites dedicated to various product reviews in different niche markets. Perhaps, this type of affiliate website is not achievable for any online marketer, but it works for those who think outside the box and plan for a solid business that remains for many years. There are only a few big players on the Internet where you can find reviews on literally everything.


6. Niche Market Websites:

These types are another content-based websites which are more focused on a specific niche and they differ from the review websites in providing more extended content rather than just product reviews. If your website becomes popular, you’ll get the title “Expert” or “Authority” in your niche.


7. Broad Content Websites:

These huge content-based websites get hundreds of thousands of visitors every single day due to their wide range of articles, images and videos. Basically, they provide news, information, tutorials, resources and reports on different topics and that’s why they’re so popular. They are considered as “Web Authorities”.


8. Coupon, Deal and Rebate Websites:

Who else wants to saves some money here and there before buying items on the Internet? I guess every one and that’s why coupons, deals and rebates are so hot both in online and offline world. If you build a website about specific coupons, rebates and discounts from major retailers, you’re good to go earning huge affiliate commissions on the web.


9. Loyalty Websites:

These types of websites are actually based on reward programs that incentivize the user to perform a particular action (such as shopping or taking surveys) and compensate them by rewards such as voucher gifts or cash. Achieving success from this type of affiliate website is not so easy for everyone and only a few big companies have been able to become successful players on the Internet.


10. Price Comparison Websites:

These types are a kind of vertical search engines within a website that enable the visitors to search, filter and compare products and services based on criteria such as price, popularity, rating, etc. While running a price comparison website is extremely profitable, but it is not that simple for the average marketer to make such an affiliate website. therefore, it does not suit any online marketer in terms of time, budget and expertise.


11. Shopping Directory Websites:

These types are actually web directories with Yellow-Page style that list merchants based on topic or category without necessarily providing any coupons, deals or price comparison. The income is usually generated either via affiliate commissions, advertisement, paid submissions or a combination of mentioned models. These types are not so popular nowadays due to their less-effectiveness in terms of valuable content.


12. File-Sharing Websites:

These are websites that contain directories of music, movies, games and other software. The content is uploaded either by the owner or user or both and the business model is mostly based on affiliate commissions, submissions and advertisement. However, you might be very cautious in this field to not confront copyright issues.


What Type Of Affiliate Website Do You Have?

The above-mentioned affiliate website types are just the best examples I’ve ever come across. However, there could be some more types missing. Leave your valuable comments below and tell us what type of affiliate website you have or want to have and why! By the way, check this out if you are looking for the best affiliate networks out there:

Top 10 Affiliate Networks

5 Essential Elements Of a Squeeze Page

A Squeeze Page is actually a type of landing page where your visitors opt-in and become your subscribers by giving you their information including email address.

No matter if you are selling your own product or others’ on the Internet, a squeeze page is a must-have page on your website and you have to create a one if you have not done it yet.

Making a squeeze page may seem a little challenging due to copy writing and technical stuff. But, if you know some essential elements of an opt-in page, you can even create your own without any help. Remember you should have a list of targeted subscribers in order to get rapid results in online marketing. As they say: “The Money is in the List!”

5 Essential Elements Of a Squeeze Page

Here, I’ve illustrated the 5 essential elements of a squeeze page. You don’t need to be perfectionist in every single of them, but take some standards into account:

5 Essential Elements Of a Squeeze Page

1. The Headline:

Perhaps, this is the most important element of your opt-in page where you catch the eye of your visitors, grab their attention and entice them to stay and subscribe.

What you need to tell is important in your headline, but how to tell it is also crucial since the first impression matters. Here are a few examples that may increase your opt-in rates:

  • FREE Report Reveals:…
  • Learn How I’ve Lost 25 Kg…
  • Discover the Exact System I Use to…
  • The Top 7 Tools I…
  • Little Known Ways to…

2. Benefits:

After you succeed in making the first impression and keeping the visitor on the page for a longer time, you might lay out the benefits and answer their question: what’s in it for me?

  • It could be an image of a free report or eBook you’re giving away plus a few benefits in bullet points stating clearly the advantages of subscription.
  • It could be an audio that tells the main benefits and encourages the visitor to opt-in.
  • It could also be a short video that shows the benefits of joining and ends with a call-to-action message.

Whatever it is, it should be short, straightforward and impressive. Remember you should match the benefits of your offer with your audience demand!

For example, if they are looking for some marriage advice and they stumble upon your opt-in page, your headline and benefit section should match each other and be relevant with the audience issue or need; something like “Discover How to Strengthen Your Relationship!”, not something like “Learn How To Become Healthy!”.

3. Call-To-Action:

The Call-To-Action (CTA) part is one of the most effective elements of a squeeze page, a place where you tell your visitor what to do. Bear in mind that human being needs to be instructed and guided to do something, and CTA in an opt-in page is the element that does the job and helps convert a visitor to a subscriber. Here are a few examples of a good call-to-action:

  • Get FREE Tips, Tricks & Guides!
  • Download the FREE Report Before It’s Gone!
  • Grab Your FREE Copy of the…!
  • Achieve Financial Freedom!
  • Find Out More About the…!

Keep in mind that you might tell your visitors to enter their information such as name and email address in the form below! That way, you would increase your page conversion rate by an appealing call-to-action.

4. Opt-in Form:

It is the box where people enter their information and subscribe. This section should be big and visible combined with the Call-To-Action feature. Basically, the more field you put, the less conversion rate you’ll get because it requires more from the visitor. Bear in mind that the subscription should be fast and simple!

The opt-in form must be provided by your autoresponder which includes a specific code that takes care the technical job. However, you can add some fancy and create an attractive opt-in form.

The submit button is very crucial in this part and should include the Call-To-Action characteristic, too. Here are a few examples:

  • Get FREE Instant Access!
  • Count Me In!
  • Let Me In Right Now!
  • Send Me the Report Now!
  • Download the Video Right Away!

5. Footer:

Last by not least, it is the footer section where you normally put some segments such as privacy policy, disclaimer and copyright notice. Here you can also add a link to your website about and contact pages as well. Just bear in mind that the footer is there just for legal purposes, so you don’t need to do something fancy here!

That’s it! The 5 essential elements of a squeeze page is briefly laid out. If you consider them while designing your own and implement them properly, you should be on your way to collecting email addresses and building a huge targeted and responsive list.

Secret Tip #1:

If you have noticed, the word “FREE” is very magical and you may use it as mush as possible in your copy including headline, benefits, CTA and submit button. It really helps your page boost its conversion rate.

Secret Tip #2:

I would personally recommend using WordPress for creating your squeeze pages. This simple WordPress plugin allows you to build unlimited number of high converting squeeze pages in just a few minutes.

Click here to check out the plugin right now!

What’s Next?!

Now after you have learned the 5 essential elements of a squeeze page, it’s your turn to get started and build your powerful opt-in page as soon as possible. If you want to become a successful web business owner, you should add email marketing to your promotional channel and build responsive email lists.

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Business

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Business

Choosing a right domain name is crucial for your business and plays a big role in your future results. In fact, your domain names gives your business an identity which helps it get recognized by your visitors. Choose a good domain name and you’ll be on the right path to online success!

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Business

Here I’ve provided a series of 3 videos that answers the common question: “What Is a Good Domain Name?” Hope you find them helpful!

 Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

What’s Your Opinion?

Did you watch the videos? Do you have other characteristics of a good domain name to add that were not mentioned in the videos? Let us know what other factors you think before choosing and registering a domain name! By the way, do you want a free real domain name? Well, then check this out:

Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name

Top 5 Profitable Niche Markets

Top 5 Profitable Niche Markets

Any online business starts with research and the first step to take is to find a profitable niche market, a process which many people may overlook or ignore.

Top 5 Profitable Niche Markets

The factors such as demand, supply and profitability are the main elements of a proper market research and should be considered during the entire procedure.

You may want to find a high-demand, low-supply and profitable niche in order to become successful in your web business. Once you locate a hot niche market, you can go ahead and start building your website around that and after you generate income, you can duplicate what you’ve done and generate another stream of income.

Well, that may sound cool, but finding a profitable niche market is not that simple. It may take a long time and can sometimes lead you to an improper result. In fact, it’s vital to know where you should start.

Basically, you should be involved in a proven and profitable market that has been around for years and from there, you may narrow down and find a “micro-niche” that meets the above criteria and fits your interest.

Top 5 Profitable Niche Markets

Here I am going to share with you the top 5 profitable niche markets for your online business. These are big industries which you may call them mega niches that include several micro-niches with huge demand and profitability:

1. Health & Fitness:

Without a doubt, this is one of the largest markets both in offline and online world. However, it is divided into so many segments in different directions. Here are some micro-niches:

  • Diets, Healthy Eating & Weight Loss
  • Exercise, Fitness & Bodybuilding
  • Nutrition
  • Remedies
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health

2. Business & Finance:

Everything related to money is hot, whether it’s about how to make, manage and keep it. Trading, marketing and investing are a few branches in this niche. Here are some micro-niches:

  • Forex Trading
  • Investing
  • Personal Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Auctions
  • Blogging
  • Advertising
  • Domains
  • E-commerce Operations
  • Email Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Paid Surveys
  • SEM & SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing

3. Relationships:

We are human beings and need to be in relationship with each other. That’s why this market is so profitable and has many sections. Here are few micro-niches:

  • Dating
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Genealogy

4. Hobbies, Activities & Interests:

Anything related to hobbies and passions are extremely profitable since people are willing to spend a lot. Here are a few examples:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Biking
  • Electronics
  • Music & Musical Instruments especially Guitar
  • Pets and Pet Training especially Dogs & Cats

5. Personal Help & Development:

This is another big niche market with versatile sections ranging from spirituality to self-esteem to time management. Here are few micro-niches:

  • Spirituality
  • Self Defense
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Motivation
  • Time Management

Do You Know Any Other Profitable Niche Markets?

The above-mentioned markets are just the best proven, profitable and evergreen markets online which can help you brainstorm and find a niche and build your business around that. However, you might know other profitable markets which are worth sharing. Why not leave your valuable thoughts and suggestions below and let us know more?!

Do You Really Need Your Own Website?

Do You Really Need Your Own Website?

Do You Really Need Your Own Website?

The very first question I usually get asked when I talk to newcomers is if they would really need their own website to get started and I always make it clear for them in the beginning and say YES. I would actually advise everyone to not build his/her business on “FREE Websites”. And here are the main reasons:

1. Remember you are going to build an online business and your own website is your asset on the Internet whether you are going to keep it forever or sell it in the future.

2. With your own website, you and your business will be accessible anywhere online, a place where your potential customers can find you, keep in touch with you and engage.

3. Your own website gives you credit and professionalism, the two elements that you’ll really need to gain from your audience in the first place.

4. You have full control over your own website in terms of its web address, content, marketing methods, tracking and terms and conditions.

5. Your own website is actually your own brand that can be easily recognized by people around the world and be promoted based on the word of mouth marketing.

6.  There are online marketing techniques that can be used without a website. However, experience has shown that most of these techniques can be used even more effectively with your own website.

7. If your business works locally as well, then your own website is the best tool you can use to reach local customers.

I’m sure there are more important reasons why you need your own website and you should. Remember I said that you don’t want to build your business upon “FREE Website”. Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not use them.

On the contrary, you should take advantage of “FREE Website” concept for promotional purposes. In fact, I highly recommend you to build as many free websites as possible all linking to your main professional website. This is so effective for getting traffic and link building which will ultimately lead to more visitors and more potential customers.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you going to become a professional business owner who thinks and plans in the right way or you just want to test the water and build your business on free websites? Go right ahead and leave your comments and tell us what you think!