26 Things to Know Before You Make a Website [Infographic]

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26 Things to Know Before You Make a Website [Infographic]

One of the most important reasons why many people and companies are afraid of making a website is that they don’t have a precise to-do-list in the first place.

Site development like any other business consists of a series of acts or steps which you may not skip. You really need a checklist to follow before and during the time you make a website if you don’t want to be lost and overwhelmed.

Luckily, I have found an awesome Infographic published by Pixaal, on Visual.ly that demonstrates 26 things to know before you make a website. Check it out right now:

26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website

What’s Your Opinion?!

Did you like the Infographic? Was everything covered? Do you have anything more to add to this list of things before you make a website? Well, then share your valuable thoughts and suggestions with us and let other people know about this Infographic by sharing the post!

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