Idea Generating For a Website

Idea generating is the first step of brainstorming a website. In fact, you will be building a foundation for your website and your goals. You have to generate some ideas that can be turned into a website, or an online business.

To be honest with you, this step is the hardest one in the entire process of making your website. If you overlook or underestimate the importance of this part, you won´t be able to create a profitable web business. So, spend more time in this step and don´t move on to the next steps until you have completely finished the needed tasks.

What Do You Need To Do For Generating Website Ideas?

Basically, you have to complete 2 important tasks for generating an idea for your website. In fact, you need to determine the following elements:

1. Website Type:

Website type is a model of website that is specialized in a particular use or service. In fact, it is too important for you to select a special website type because it helps you become more specific and build your website according to that type. Although the basic principles of site building would apply to any type of website, but the details would vary. Website type normally reflects the goals of the website. Here are some of the more common types of websites on the Internet:

A) Commercial Website B) Personal Website C) News Website D) Educational Website

E) Organizational Website F) Entertainment Website G) Blog Website F) Hybrid Website

2. Website Topic:

This is the main theme or subject of your future website and reflects a specific topic in your market. Actually, that topic should be something you are knowledgeable or passionate about. Something that you will be able to add content more regularly. That´s why you need to pick a topic that is close to your interests. Later on, you will narrow down your topic in the market and find specific segments called niches. That process is called Niche Finding and is the last step of brainstorming phase.

Now, pick up a pen and paper and write down a list of topics that are close to your: Knowledge, Experience, Passion, Interests or Hobby. I don´t think It would be that hard. I bet everyone can make a top 10 list of his/her favorite topics.

If you have still difficulties in choosing a main topic for your website, follow the tips below:

– Go to a directory website and browse their lists. Websites like or are great places full of website topics. You can even narrow down and find some sub-topics as well. Write down the top 10 topics that are close to your favorites.

– Rank your potential website topics from your favourite to least favourite one. That way, you will have the best idea at the top which you can start narrowing down that topic and find more specific sub-topics.

At this point, you have completed the Idea Generating step, been able to choose your site model (type) and pick some website topics. Remember that this step is not called Market Research or Niche Finding. This is only for idea generation purposes and gives you raw information that you will be using in the next steps.

Idea Generating should be considered as the basis of the entire process and next steps are performed around this point. In the next posts, I will walk you through the Planning, Researching and Niche Finding steps. So, stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS Feed right now!

Take Care!

Hooshmand Moslemi