5 Essential Elements Of a Squeeze Page

A Squeeze Page is actually a type of landing page where your visitors opt-in and become your subscribers by giving you their information including email address.

No matter if you are selling your own product or others’ on the Internet, a squeeze page is a must-have page on your website and you have to create a one if you have not done it yet.

Making a squeeze page may seem a little challenging due to copy writing and technical stuff. But, if you know some essential elements of an opt-in page, you can even create your own without any help. Remember you should have a list of targeted subscribers in order to get rapid results in online marketing. As they say: “The Money is in the List!”

5 Essential Elements Of a Squeeze Page

Here, I’ve illustrated the 5 essential elements of a squeeze page. You don’t need to be perfectionist in every single of them, but take some standards into account:

5 Essential Elements Of a Squeeze Page

1. The Headline:

Perhaps, this is the most important element of your opt-in page where you catch the eye of your visitors, grab their attention and entice them to stay and subscribe.

What you need to tell is important in your headline, but how to tell it is also crucial since the first impression matters. Here are a few examples that may increase your opt-in rates:

  • FREE Report Reveals:…
  • Learn How I’ve Lost 25 Kg…
  • Discover the Exact System I Use to…
  • The Top 7 Tools I…
  • Little Known Ways to…

2. Benefits:

After you succeed in making the first impression and keeping the visitor on the page for a longer time, you might lay out the benefits and answer their question: what’s in it for me?

  • It could be an image of a free report or eBook you’re giving away plus a few benefits in bullet points stating clearly the advantages of subscription.
  • It could be an audio that tells the main benefits and encourages the visitor to opt-in.
  • It could also be a short video that shows the benefits of joining and ends with a call-to-action message.

Whatever it is, it should be short, straightforward and impressive. Remember you should match the benefits of your offer with your audience demand!

For example, if they are looking for some marriage advice and they stumble upon your opt-in page, your headline and benefit section should match each other and be relevant with the audience issue or need; something like “Discover How to Strengthen Your Relationship!”, not something like “Learn How To Become Healthy!”.

3. Call-To-Action:

The Call-To-Action (CTA) part is one of the most effective elements of a squeeze page, a place where you tell your visitor what to do. Bear in mind that human being needs to be instructed and guided to do something, and CTA in an opt-in page is the element that does the job and helps convert a visitor to a subscriber. Here are a few examples of a good call-to-action:

  • Get FREE Tips, Tricks & Guides!
  • Download the FREE Report Before It’s Gone!
  • Grab Your FREE Copy of the…!
  • Achieve Financial Freedom!
  • Find Out More About the…!

Keep in mind that you might tell your visitors to enter their information such as name and email address in the form below! That way, you would increase your page conversion rate by an appealing call-to-action.

4. Opt-in Form:

It is the box where people enter their information and subscribe. This section should be big and visible combined with the Call-To-Action feature. Basically, the more field you put, the less conversion rate you’ll get because it requires more from the visitor. Bear in mind that the subscription should be fast and simple!

The opt-in form must be provided by your autoresponder which includes a specific code that takes care the technical job. However, you can add some fancy and create an attractive opt-in form.

The submit button is very crucial in this part and should include the Call-To-Action characteristic, too. Here are a few examples:

  • Get FREE Instant Access!
  • Count Me In!
  • Let Me In Right Now!
  • Send Me the Report Now!
  • Download the Video Right Away!

5. Footer:

Last by not least, it is the footer section where you normally put some segments such as privacy policy, disclaimer and copyright notice. Here you can also add a link to your website about and contact pages as well. Just bear in mind that the footer is there just for legal purposes, so you don’t need to do something fancy here!

That’s it! The 5 essential elements of a squeeze page is briefly laid out. If you consider them while designing your own and implement them properly, you should be on your way to collecting email addresses and building a huge targeted and responsive list.

Secret Tip #1:

If you have noticed, the word “FREE” is very magical and you may use it as mush as possible in your copy including headline, benefits, CTA and submit button. It really helps your page boost its conversion rate.

Secret Tip #2:

I would personally recommend using WordPress for creating your squeeze pages. This simple WordPress plugin allows you to build unlimited number of high converting squeeze pages in just a few minutes.

Click here to check out the plugin right now!

What’s Next?!

Now after you have learned the 5 essential elements of a squeeze page, it’s your turn to get started and build your powerful opt-in page as soon as possible. If you want to become a successful web business owner, you should add email marketing to your promotional channel and build responsive email lists.

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Business

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Business

Choosing a right domain name is crucial for your business and plays a big role in your future results. In fact, your domain names gives your business an identity which helps it get recognized by your visitors. Choose a good domain name and you’ll be on the right path to online success!

How To Choose a Good Domain Name For Your Business

Here I’ve provided a series of 3 videos that answers the common question: “What Is a Good Domain Name?” Hope you find them helpful!

 Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

What’s Your Opinion?

Did you watch the videos? Do you have other characteristics of a good domain name to add that were not mentioned in the videos? Let us know what other factors you think before choosing and registering a domain name! By the way, do you want a free real domain name? Well, then check this out:

Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name

Things To Consider In Choosing a Free Web Host For Your Website

How To Choose a Free Web Host

A lot of people want and need a website, either for their business, association or personal use. But since not all of them can afford paid hosting, they tend to resort to web hosts that offer free hosting services. It does sound nice to get services for free and some may even think there’s no risk with doing it. But unfortunately, there are a lot of risks when signing up with the wrong free web host.

To register a free web hosting company is pretty easy these days. Meaning, anyone can just create a free web host including scammers. With this type of people, you might end up getting charged with hidden fees in the end even though they said their hosting was for free. They can also disappear in thin air with your website along with them. The best option for you is to go with a reputable company that has been around for years already. Another disadvantage to some free web hosts is providing an unreliable hosting causing your website a lot of downtimes.

Doteasy has been providing hosting services and domain name registration services since 2000. They are trusted by over 160,000 domain name users already and continue to provide great services for their customers. With their free hosting plan, they assure you of no ads on your site or any annoying pop-ups. Some of the free web hosts put ads and pop-ups on your site whether you like it or not in exchange for the free service you are getting from them. If this doesn’t bother you, I’m pretty sure your visitors will. There’s a great possibility that instead of staying on your site, they’ll just navigate away and check your competitor’s site which is much cleaner and easier on the eyes.

There are still many things to consider when choosing the right free web host for you. But so far, I find Doteasy one of the best free web hosts around. They make everything simpler. They provide you with great web tools and their free hosting plan has a lot of great features that not all free web hosts could offer. There’s no monthly fee and no set up fee. And with all the free stuff, they still manage to provide a very reliable hosting. To sign up for a free account, click here.

They also have a special promotion that lets customers to register any domain name such as .com, .net, .org for only $4.95 for your first year with one year free hosting already. Just use the coupon code 0910FWH.

How To Make a Travel Guide Website

Discover How to Make a Travel Guide Website!

A travel-guide website is a resource where people can find any kind of information about a specific location on the Internet. This form of website provides the tips, tricks and secrets of a destination to the interested visitors and could be very helpful for travellers and adventurers as an authority website.

Normally, we get the information about a location we are going to visit in the form of catalogs, brochures and printed documents from our travel agency. The downside of those things is that they are mostly prepared by promotional purposes and cannot basically give the honest and comprehensive review of the location. On top of that, getting access to those stuff is time-consuming and even costly. We need instant and FREE access to tons of information about a particular destination. That’s when the Internet comes to play.

Today, you can search on the Internet for a specific place and see a whole bunch of results coming up that each of them shows an aspects of the searched place. Many of them are online travel-related companies, some are encyclopedia websites, article directories and forums. But, as mentioned before, we want a single website where we will be able to know a lot about that particular region from a person who lives there or has been in that location for a time. That way, we would be satisfied on the given information.

What if you could build a website that introduces a location to your visitors and covers little unknown things?

You don’t need to be a travel agent to run a travel-guide website. You don’t even need to create an online tourism company that would take a big fortune to get up and running. The only thing you will need is knowledge and passion or both of them to run a content-based website about a specific resort place. That way, you would not promote the destination so heavily that the prospect feels uncomfortable and leaves your website immediately.

Unlike many travel agents, you should try to over-deliver valuable and high quality information that people can take advantage of. At the end of the day, you would be regarded as an expert in the topic and your recommendations would be taken seriously. That’s how you’re going make money and run your web business on a daily basis.

But, How To Make a Travel Guide Website?

When it comes to making a website, most people consider it as a really complicated work. Trust me, a few years ago, I didn’t even think about building a single web page. Today, it is truly simple to create a website from scratch no matter how much you know about site building.

But, making a website that works is not that easy. A successful website can be defined as a profitable business only if you fulfill all the elementary steps properly and accurately. So, first of all, you need a blueprint or guide that walks you through the entire process and helps you get started. Second, you will need some powerful tools and resources that are necessary for the process of site building and finally you should get involved by providing high-value content to the website.

One Real & Successful Case Study

Before I get through the steps you will need to build a travel-guide website, I would like to show you one of the successful case-studies about some ordinary people who have turned their knowledge and passion into profitable web businesses. People from around the globe who took a chance and then realized the process. Finally, their worlds had changed.

One of those successful people is Birgit Bradtke, the owner of www.Outback-Australia-Travel-Secrets.com, who created a popular content-based website around Australia Outback adventure.

When Birgit decided to build a website like this, she didn’t know anything about websites. She never even liked computers. Besides, English is her second language. But, she always dreamed about becoming a travel writer and her biggest passion was travel. She wanted freedom, adventure, and new experiences.

Her dream came true when he found a program called SBI! (Site Build It!) where all the tools and learning materials were included. She really could start from zero and SBI! would take her by the hand through the site building process, step by step. Site Build It!l promised to not only teach her how to build a website, but also how to get traffic to it and how to make money with it.

After all, Birgit made enough income that she could quit her job very soon. Now, she has more than 1 website with the help of SBI!, all are growing and making money every single day.

Top 5 Necessary Steps Of Building a Travel-Related Website

Here are the main steps you should complete in order to make a travel-guide website. Do not overlook or ignore any of them if you are looking for a long-term web business:

1. Brainstorming:

In this stage, you generate the ideas and choose a location. It could be your town or city. Sometimes you can go broader and choose a bigger regions such as state, province or even country. But remember, the more targeted, the better results. If your town is not that popular, select the nearest resort city to your living place. The point is to choose a location that is being searched by some people and the number of websites talking about that location is low.

2. Building:

This step is the core of your entire process in which you register a meaningful domain name that could preferably contain your destination words, get a web hosting account and start designing your web pages. Bear in mind that your website layout should look professional and relevant to the topic. Use eye-catching headline with nice graphics. Try to build a user-friendly website that people enjoy browsing. Also, make sure your web pages are Search Engine Optimized.

A high quality content must be the main part of your website. Whether it is informative articles, nice pictures, interesting audios or cool videos, try to provide it in a way that visitors take the most advantage of and give you credit. That way, you would be considered as an expert and people would trust you.

3. Marketing:

Promoting a content-based website should not be difficult if you have fully and properly completed the prior steps. However, you need to let people know about your website in various methods. If your site is a well Search Engine Optimized, chances are that you would get some nice traffic from the search engines. You can increase the traffic flow by writing and submitting articles and press releases in different directories. Also, you can get tons of visitors from niche-related websites and forums where most of your targeted prospects are hanging out.

Pay Per Click Advertising could be also used as an accessory, yet powerful method of generating traffic. No matter which traffic source you would use, it is the content of your website that matters. Don’t forget that the power of “Word Of Mouth Marketing” is still the most effective one and can turn a website into an authority resource.

4. Monetizing:

The most beautiful part is when you start making money from your website. Although this step of process could be put in parallel with Building phase, but I consider it as an independent and important stage. You should choose a way or ways to monetize your website. You can put ads on your web pages and earn some cents here and there or promote affiliate offers that could bring you much higher income. Probably, you can sign an agreement with a few local businesses in your city and earn hefty commissions by referring people to their businesses. In fact, the opportunities are endless.

5. Tracking:

You should always track the traffic of your website and find out what has worked fine and what not. You have to test different parameters and see the corresponding results. That way, you would be able to improve your business. Also, take advantage of your visitors’ comments and suggestions as a feedback for your web business. Remember that nothing is 100% perfect but we all can improve ourselves.

Making a travel-guide website could be a very profitable online business for literally anyone from around the globe. If your are an stay-at-home mom and dad, college student, retired person or even a part-time/full-time worker, you can start an Internet business from scratch with a very low budget. Today, you can do it under $300 US Dollars.

Some people prefer to get educated before doing anything and then get involved. That’s why it is better to have a comprehensive guide that teaches everything to make a website that works.

SBI! (Site Build It!) not only walks you through the whole process of site building step by step, but also gives you the needed tools for creating and running web pages. It is also a domain registrar, web hosting company with brainstormer tool, tracking program, page manager and tons of other useful features. You can read more about it in the following post:

Build a Website That Works!

To Your Online Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi

5 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make In Creating a Website

Want to Know the Biggest Mistakes Most People Make In Creating a Website?

Thanks to the incredible possibilities Internet has created for us, everybody is now able to make a website from scratch. Since many people are joining the World Wide Web community every single day, the number of opportunities for running an online business is also growing.

More people decide to create a website for one purpose: making a living on the Internet. They assume that an Internet business normally gets up and running much easier and faster than the traditional (offline) one. On top of that, a business website could reach more prospects, 24 hours a day. So, there will be no limitation on both time and place for a web business in comparison with the traditional model. Not to mention that the startup capital for an online business could be suitable for any kind of budget and the maintenance costs are far lower than the offline type.

On the other hand, there are thousands of ordinary people running their online businesses from the comfort of their homes earning 4, 5 or even 6 figures income every single month. I am talking about tons of success stories about powerful and popular websites that have been created based on some simple, yet unique ideas and now generating a nice and solid income for their owners. Isn’t that cool?

It Is TOO Good To Be True, Right?

While we cannot deny these real case studies, we cannot either ignore this fact that getting rich quick doesn’t exist. Having the right mindset before creating a website plays a very large role in your future success. Many people just build a website and expect to get fast results. Unfortunately, they don’t get desired results very quickly. The bottom line is that they become frustrated very soon and decide to quit.

What most people don’t seem to understand is that they have made the same biggest mistakes over and over again. Just if they knew what the mistakes are, they would have probably avoided them. So, the very first thing most people should know in creating a website is finding out the common mistakes many beginners make. That way, you would be able to act more carefully and try to not repeat those mistakes.

5 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make In Creating a Website

Basically, the number of mistakes a beginner could make is a lot. As a matter of fact, you cannot avoid them all. Fortunately, some of them can help you improve your business through testing and analyzing. On the other hand, there are some other big mistakes that can cost you a lot, both in time and money and you should only avoid them. Period! Otherwise, your chances of success will be very low.

1. Choosing a Very General Topic For Your Website:

Believe it or not, this mistake is the biggest and most common mistake many beginners can make. They select a very broad topic for their websites trying to cover everything under the sky. To put it simply, they try to build a site like Yahoo.com or About.com. Not only this mistake would confuse the audience of the website, but also it would be a tough job for the owner to provide content for its readership due to the heavy competition and also information overload.

Instead, you can go for a specific topic representing a niche market for attracting targeted visitors. That way, you would not need to worry about the competition, providing content and converting prospects to customers.

2. Selecting the Over Saturated Topics Such as “Make Money Online”:

Sometimes, I cannot believe that there are so many websites around saturated topics such as “make money online”, “Internet marketing”, “blogging” and so on. I really wonder if they make any money from their sites and blogs. But let me give you an advice:

Don’t even think about creating a site around those niches unless you have something new to offer and have become successful in this field. I mean I have seen tons of websites about “make money online” and I guarantee that they don’t even make a single dime from their online businesses. Why would you want to bother yourself reinventing the wheel?

There are literally hundreds of high quality, popular and successful resources that are considered as authorities in these niches. Can you compete with them? I mean, let’s face it: I have seen huge number of websites about getting traffic while they just get 5 visitors a day. There are thousands of web pages about building a website and when you check their web pages, you would realize they don’t know what they are talking about. Did you get the picture?

This mistake can cost you a lot of time and even money. Unfortunately, these people get frustrated very soon and quit immediately before even discovering the main reason of their failure.

Instead, they could have built a very successful website based on something they are knowledgeable or passionate about. Just sit down, get a pen and paper and list what you like, know and can. Then, select the best topic and start generating ideas around that. After that, you want to research the market and find out if there is money to be made in that market. If yes, you’re good to go for a profitable website.

3. Getting FREE Stuff Such as Domain Name & Web Hosting:

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a professional website. Like I said, your website is your online business. You should treat it as a real business. Why do you want to skip the most essential tools and expect good results? One of the biggest mistakes most people make is getting a free domain name and hosting.

If you are probably on a tight budget. It’s fine. I understand that fact. But please, take this as my previous experience: a free domain name and web hosting can cost you more than a real paid one. Trust me, I have made the same mistake before. It is not worth it.

First off, your visitors would not consider you as a real business by looking at your domain name. You need to look professional. Second off, you would not have full control over your free stuff. Once the provider decide to shut down their service, your business would be gone forever. It has happened to many small businesses that had created their websites on free stuff.

Instead, you can go for a pro account and get real paid domain names and hosting plans. That way, you would not risk your business and have full control over your own stuff. Also, bear in mind that your audience would regard you as an expert and take your recommendations more seriously which means profit.

You can always get those free stuff for testing the market and even some other reasons like branding and promoting purposes. That’s why I have published a video on this website showing you the free resources. I am not against that. However, you can get actual domain name and web hosting for very cheap prices. If I were on a tight budget, I would prefer not to start until I got financially better.

4. Pushing the Visitors To Buy Something:

We all know that the main goal of creating a website is making money. That’s true. We also know whether we sell our own stuff or other people’s, visitors must take action and buy something which would end up bringing us profit. But, do you think people would act if you push them to purchase something? I doubt it!

More specifically, if you have an affiliate website promoting the merchant’s products and services, your job would be much tougher. Because you should convince the visitor to buy something you don’t personally own. I know it is really hard. But, what many beginners don’t seem to understand is that people don’t like pushing. You cannot force them to do anything. Even if they are in the mood of spending money, as soon as they notice you are promoting something heavily, they would immediately ignore it and leave your website. That’s why 95% of affiliates fail.

Instead of selling, you can presell by providing helpful content to your visitors. This concept applies for any model. Whether you are the merchant or the affiliate, you should give value to your visitors by providing them with useful information that help them learn more about the product. That way, the prospects would give you more credit by considering you as an expert or even authority in the market. The bottom line is that they would take your recommendations very seriously. Guess what?! They act and purchase the product making you tons of affiliate commissions even if you didn’t ask them to buy anything. You see how simple that is!

5. Not Tracking and Analyzing the Results:

To be honest with you, only 1% of website owners track and analyze the results they gain from their web pages. This mistake is so common that can even stop you in this process and make you quit. How could you find out what works and what doesn’t? I mean, if you have made a sale, you must know the source of that action. That way, you would be able to improve that source and make more sales.

Tracking and analyzing is not that complicated. Today, you can run a third party tracking program on your website that does all the work for you. Instead, you just log in and check out the stats. If it’s reliable, you will be able to analyze the results, test new stuff and compare the results. Remember, only through tracking, testing and analyzing, you would be able to get good results. Fortunately, there are really a ton of good tracking resources and guess what?! One of the most powerful programs is absolutely FREE; Google Analytics.

I guess I have covered the biggest mistakes one can make in creating a website. Now, it is your turn to make a decision and see what you have done so far and what you must do. Trust me, don’t just overlook these mistakes. If you have read between the lines, you will understand what I exactly mean. Hope you find it helpful.

Your Success is My Concern!


Hooshmand Moslemi

What Are the Best FREE FTP Clients?

What Are the Best FREE FTP Clients?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is used for exchanging and manipulating the files on the server. An FTP Client is a program that enables you to upload your files from your computer to your host server and vise versa. In this video, I have covered the top 3 FTP software that you can download and use for FREE. Go ahead and watch the video!

Hope you like this video! By the way, check this out:

Get Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name Today!

Wish You the Best!

Hooshmand Moslemi

What Are the Best FREE HTML Editors?

What Are the Best FREE HTML Editors?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is one of the most popular languages for creating web pages. HTML Editor is a software that enables you to build a website based on that language. One of the best HTML Editors that I personally use is Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 which is a paid version. However, you can find some other alternative software that are absolutely FREE to use.  In this video, I have covered the Top 5 FREE HTML Editors!

Hope you have found this video helpful!

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Hooshmand Moslemi

Where To Get a FREE Domain Name

Where To Get a FREE Domain Name?

In this video, some of the best domain name providers have been introduced that give a domain name absolutely FREE. But again, I’m not a big supporter of FREE stuff such as domains and web hosting. It is not worth creating a website around free stuff that you won’t have full control over. However, the choice is yours and you decide for yourself!

Hope you have found this video useful!

Get Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name Today!

Good Luck!

Hooshmand Moslemi

Where To Get a FREE Web Hosting

Where To Get a FREE Web Hosting?

If you want to get a hosting account without paying anything, then watch this video that shows you the top reliable FREE web hosting providers. In fact, I’m not a fan of FREE hosting and would prefer a paid one, because I would have more features, full control over my website and it would look like more serious and professional. Anyway, it’s totally up to you.

Resources Mentioned in the Video:

Note: Services mentioned above might be unavailable or not offering the free hosting anymore!

Hope you have enjoyed this video!

By the way, check this out:

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Hooshmand Moslemi

Where To Get FREE Web Pages

Want to Know Where To Get FREE Web Pages?

Watch this video and discover the top FREE 7 resources giving you the ability to create a free web page. While I don’t recommend to make a free website as your main web page, these resources are quite useful for marketing purposes, social networking, branding and link building.

I hope you find the video useful!

Get Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name Today!


Hooshmand Moslemi

Build a Website That Works!

Who Else Wants to Build a Website That Works?

I bet everyone does. It is obvious that just creating a website is not enough. If you don't get desired results from your web pages, then what is the point of bothering yourself to make a new website? You need to build a site that works.
But, First Watch This Video!
Visit Site Build It! Right Now!

When it comes to building a profitable online business, creating a professional website is the first essential step you need to take. However, it is not a simple process. You have to first educate yourself, then take action and finally use the top-notch tools and resources out there that help you succeed.

Well, everybody knows that you must register a domain name, then get a hosting account, design the web pages and create content. While it is true to know the exact steps, it is not enough.

Site Build It! (SBI!) is not only a web hosting service and domain registrar company, it is an all-in-one business package that walks you through the way of building a real online business.

As long as you can create high quality content about a specific topic, SBI! could be the best solution for you. Here how it works: you build a website around a topic you are knowledgeable about, create helpful content and over-deliver information to your audience, then you get credit by providing value to your visitors and finally give recommendations to your readership. That way, people will trust you and take your recommendations seriously that will end up bringing you good profits.

SBI! offers the solution to anyone who wants to build a solid website, stay-at-home moms, students, retired people, teachers, workers, musicians, offline business owners are just a few prospects of this great opportunity. It has helped thousands of people create websites that work and gain a powerful reputation over time. Again, as far as credibility is concerned, SBI! can help you by delivering what you need to succeed.

Now, Watch This One!
Visit Site Build It! Right Now!

I cannot stress enough how powerful SBI! is and can help you in building and growing your online business. I showed you a fraction of what SBI! is and has done for many people. Now the choice is yours and offer's on the table. Make a Difference!

In the next posts, we will cover more aspects of this wonderful program, so if you don't want to miss any upcoming posts, news and articles, subscribe to the Blog RSS Feed and stay tuned. Good Luck! Hooshmand Moslemi

Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name

Looking For a Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name?

You've come to the right place! I have provided a list for you on the top 3 web hosting companies where you can get a FREE domain name upon registration. I am talking about real domain names with extensions like .com, .net or .org not just any ridiculous free domain extension. Go ahead and check out the following services, compare them and make the right decision!

#1 Web Hosting Service
My First Recommendation!
Host Monster
Host Monster 6.99 / Month
Some Of the Best Features:
  • FREE Domain Name Forever
  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED Hosting Space & Site Bandwidth
  • SSL, FTP, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL and Stats
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#2 Web Hosting Service
My Second Recommendation!
Just Host
Just Host 2.99 / Month
Some Of the Best Features:
  • FREE Domain Name For Life
  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED Hosting Space & MySQL Database
  • SSL, FTP, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP and Stats
Visit the Official Website Right Now!
#3 Web Hosting Service
My Third Recommendation!
Bluehost 6.99 / Month
Some Of the Best Features:
  • FREE Domain Name Forever
  • Host UNLIMITED Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Hosting Space & File Transfer
  • SSL, FTP, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL and Stats
Visit the Official Website Right Now!

The above-mentioned web hosting services are all reliable and established companies. At the moment, they are offering FREE domain Name upon ordering one of their hosting plans or packages. Actually, I've been proudly one of Host Monster customers since 2007 and I have to admit that I am 100% happy with the service not because of its affordable price, but also because of its amazing features.

Until now, I've been able to host a couple of my websites on its servers without any problem, transfer a few domain names to my account for FREE and also got a FREE domain Name (Yes, Real Dot Com Domain).

So, if you are planning to create a real solid business, you need to consider your website as a professional tool. Running a free website on a free server is not always the best option. Even if you are on a tight budget, a totally-free website won't help you very much.

You can, however, try some free hosting providers out there, but sooner or later, you will realize the necessity of having your own website with a real domain name extension on a hosting server which you will have full control on.

It is the most common mistake many beginners make on the way of building their online businesses and often don't even understand the reasons of their failure. I have been there and made some mistakes, too. But, I have learned a lot and created an established Internet business getting improved all the time. Now, it is your turn to succeed.

Go ahead and visit the above-mentioned hosting services while their offers are still on the table. There is no guarantee that those companies will always keep these special offers. When it's gone, it's gone forever!

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Creating & Publishing Content

Creating & Publishing Content is the core element of building a site and should be considered as a high priority task. In fact, it is the content of your website that attracts visitors to your web pages and keeps them coming back and recommending your site to other people. You may have heard that the content is king.

To be honest with you, if your content is not valuable, you would lose your audience very soon. People are looking for high-quality and fresh information, stuffs that give them value. You need to provide your visitors with helpful content. Otherwise don´t expect any success!

Different Types Of Content

Currently, there are millions of web pages on the World Wide Web in different topics and subjects. But, if you pay close attention to their contents, you will soon realize that there are only 4 different types of content:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Video

Each and every website may contain one or more of the mentioned content. Period!

What Is a Good Content?

A good content brings a lot of traffic to your website. But, first off, you will need to know what a good content is. Basically, there are a number of features a great content may have. If you take them into consideration, you will be able to create a good content for your website. Here are a few tips:

1. Your Content Should Be Unique.

It is the uniqueness of your content that makes it outstanding. Honestly, nothing is more harmful to a website than a duplicated content. Don´t ever copy other´s work! Your content should offer something new and unique in a way. Just copying someone else´s content may hurt your reputation. If necessary, quote other´s content and give them credit by mentioning their names and websites. If you read something valuable and want to add it as your site content, write it with your own words. That would be fine. But, never copy!

2. Your Content Should Be Valuable.

A valuable content is something that gives value. It can be a helpful article, an instructional video, an inspirational music or a fresh news. The very first question your visitors may ask is: "What´s in it for me?" Even if you are going to sell or promote something, do it in a way that your audience would find it valuable. By over-delivering great information to your visitors, you will be giving value and getting credit.

3. Your Content Should Be Relevant.

You have to deliver content to your visitors in a way that they would need or expect. If they are looking for a particular piece of information, provide them with what they want exactly. Remember, relevancy is the secret key to success in this process. Putting the right things in front of the right people is called a successful business and you should take it into account, as well.

4. Your Content Should Be Fresh.

Would you bother visiting a website that has not been updated for a long time? I would not! Both visitors and search engines love fresh content and they rush to check out websites with new updated content. If you want your site traffic to boost, update your website more frequently! An updated website is like a live web page and ranks high in the search results.

5. Your Content Should Be Accurate.

Whatever your content is, it should be accurate. Providing false information may hurt your credit. Sometimes, your content can be regarded as personal opinion, but it still needs to be correct and well-formatted. For example, if it is an article, it should be accurate, well-written and spell-checked. If it is a news, it should be well-reported and source-checked. Remember that people would very soon notice false information and ignore it.

How To Publish Your Content To The World Wide Web?

Once you are done with your site design and content, you will have to publish it to the Internet on your host. That way, your visitors would be able to see, read and use your actual website content when they check out your web pages.

Publishing a website to the Internet is not that hard. You can either use a content management system, an HTML editor or an FTP client to publish your web pages. In the next posts, I will get through each of them in more detail.

As I mentioned before, providing a great and fresh website content gives value to the audience and brings credit to the author. In fact, this step is not a separate step in the whole process and should be done in parallel with other steps. You will soon realize that even Marketing and Monetizing steps are totally dependent on creating a good content. Stay tuned, because I will be revealing more information in the next posts. Subscribe to the Blog RSS Feed right away!


Hooshmand Moslemi

Designing Your Website

Designing Your Website is the main step of building a site process meaning you have to create a site layout and publish it to the Internet. It can be considered as an art, which you will be making a website both user and search engine friendly.

You have to organize and manage the contents of your website by categorizing, dividing and labeling them. That way, your visitors can easily see, locate, find and read the information on your website and also search engines can simply find and crawl your web pages in order to index them.

Your website should be designed in a way that entices and encourages the visitors to do what you want them to do. That action can be a simple click, fast download, a signup or a sale. No matter what that action is, you want to convert your visitors to desired users such as members, subscribers or customers. A well-designed website has a high conversion rate meaning that a great percentage of the visitors are converted to desired users.

In order to design a good website, you need to consider the following points:

1. Divide Your Website Into Different Web Pages!

Dividing your website into a number of web pages is the first thing you should think about before designing your website. You would not want to put every thing on the main home page, right? That said, you should break your website into several sections, each is designed for a specific purpose.

There are 2 types of web pages you will consider:

General Web Pages: These are web pages like Home, Contact, About, Advertise, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and so on. These kinds of web pages are necessary for any type of website. Once created, you don´t need to update them all the time. A link to each and every of these web pages should be put on every single web page.

Specific Web Pages: These are web pages that are about a particular topic or sub-topic of your website. In other words, these pages are your fresh content, something that you will be adding more regularly.

2. Build a Layout As Your General Site Template!

You need to build a layout for your website that will be followed as a template. It is an important factor for being remembered by your visitors. It would be complicated if every single web page of your website looks different.

3. Create a Nice Header & Footer!

A nice header and footer would make your website look more professional. In your header, you would put your website logo and probably other elements. In the footer, you would add other components, as well. Like I said before, you need to have a site layout and it might always contain the header and footer.

4. Make a Beautiful Logo!

Your logo would reflect your website or brand name. Spend some time and create a good-looking and meaningful logo, including your site or brand name. As you may know, people always look at the logo and it can easily be remembered, if designed carefully. Your logo could be a simple image, a nice graphic or just letters such as your site name. Remember, your logo might fit your site layout. In other words, your logo and your site template could complete each other.

5. Build an Easy-To-Use Navigation Bar!

A navigation bar is another necessary component of your website. It is the section where your visitors look at in order to locate and find the various parts they need. A typical navigation bar should contain a list of your web page URLs, a search function, and other available categories of information in a particular content area. This bar should be placed in a right position meaning that everyone could see and locate it. Your website navigation bar might fit the general template, as well.

6. Add Your Content In the Right Place!

Your content is your website core element that attracts visitors and search engines. So, you should put it in the right place of your web page. It must be both user and search engine friendly. For instance, avoid putting your main content in frames. Texts, Graphics, Audios and Videos are different types of content that you will be adding to your web pages. Try to match them all with your general website template. In the next posts, I will be talking more about creating and adding content to your web pages.

7. Make Your Website More Functional!

It is an important factor especially when your visitors are going to use your website. It should work well. If you are offering a service, it would be functional. People don´t like getting error messages on your web pages. Always check your site functionality and solve possible issues. Moreover, try to build a site that uploads very fast. Your visitors don´t want to wait too much to see your website. It might be accessed simply and quickly. Avoid using annoying elements such as Pop-Ups or Pop-Unders. Trust me, your visitors would hate them.

Designing your website is not a simple process. It can only be improved through testing and tweaking. The above-mentioned points are just a few important elements you have to consider before designing your site. But, there are more facts, as well. Since you have got only a few seconds to make a good impressions on your visitors and keep them staying longer on your website, then your site design plays a really big role in this situation.

Whether you will be designing your site by yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you, you would not want to underestimate this step of your online business. Trust me, if you put more time and money on your project particularly on this part, it will pay off. An attractive website can always help your business stand out from the crowd.

In the next posts, I will get through this step in more detail. So, stay tuned and get the latest posts by subscribing to my blog RSS Feed!

To Your Success!

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Getting a Web Hosting Plan

Getting a Web Hosting Plan is the second task of Building your website right after registering your own domain name. This is an obligatory step which you cannot skip, if you want a professional website.

What is a Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting is a type of service that allows you to host your website on your domain name. In other words, it provides you space on a server where you can upload any kind of files to which makes your site accessible via the World Wide Web. So, whenever someone types your domain name in their Internet browsers, they will be able to see your web pages.

Getting a Web Hosting is necessary for everyone who wants to build a website. If you don´t have any hosting service, you won´t be able to put your web pages on your domain name. So, when your audience types your domain name, they will just see a simple page saying it is a parked domain name or anything like that. They won´t be able to see your actual website.

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services

There are a number of various web hosting services on the Internet. Each of them is created for specific use. While everyone has different goals, needs and priorities, it is better to determine which one suits you. Here is a quick review of the most popular web hosting services:

  • FREE Web Hosting: FREE, But Limited & Advertisement-Supported Service.
  • Shared Web Hosting: Shares More Than One Website (Domain Name) On the Same Server.
  • Reseller Web Hosting: Allows Clients To Become Web Hosts Themselves & Resell the Service.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting: Allows Clients To Lease the Entire Server Not Shared With Anyone.

First off, I highly recommend you to get a paid web hosting service. Don´t go for FREE accounts, because it is not worth it. A FREE web hosting is always limited and ad-supported. Besides, you don´t have full control over your host. Again, it is about being professional. Don´t let your visitors think you don´t own one of the most essential components of your business which is web hosting. You want people to give you credit. A paid web hosting is a must have tool for every web business owner. Period!

On the other hand, you don´t need to have some of the above-mentioned web hosting services. You don´t even need to know them all. But, before ordering a web hosting package, you should take some important points into account.

Here are a Few Important Features Of a Good Web Hosting Plan:

1. It should allow you to host unlimited domain names on your hosting account. Quite frankly, you would not want to pay for every single hosting service for each of your registered domain name. Select and order a web hosting service that allows unlimited domain names.

2. The disk space of your hosting plan should be high. Later, you will want to upload some large files such as audio and video to your website. A great web hosting space would enable you to do that without worrying about lack of capacity. Normally, 600 Gigs of web space is recommended.

3. The third important feature of a good web hosting service is the bandwidth. In a nutshell, bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to occur between your website and the rest of the Internet. In other words, it is the measurement of data sent from your web host's server down to the visitors computer. So, if you get a lot of visitors and they download large files from your website, then you will need a great amount of bandwidth. A good web hosting plan should offer more than 5,000 Gigabytes of Bandwidth.

4. FREE instant setup is another feature of a good web hosting service. I don´t think it would be wise to pay extra for installing the web hosting for you. It must be fast and FREE. When you pay for a hosting package, this feature should be included in the price.

5. Uptime guarantee is something many people simply overlook. Most of the web hosting companies offer 99.9% Uptime Guarantee which means that if your website is not up 99.9% of the time, they will compensate you. So, they strive all the time to achieve that level of uptime and guarantee your website activity and availability in 99.9% of the time.

6. Money-back guarantee is a plus for a good web hosting plan. It makes you more confident and secure. If you are not happy with the service, you should be able to request a refund and get your money back. Usually, it is offered as a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

7. You should be able to build and design your website with an easy-to-use web development application. A FREE site builder is something that a web hosting plan should always offer you. Although, you will be using other tools and software such as Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver, but a FREE site builder in your hosting account would be helpful, as well.

8. There are some other components that a good web hosting package should have. Actually, you don´t even need to know them all and their functions. But, one day, you will need them in a way. Features such as CGI, PHP 4 & 5, RoR, Perl, MySQL, SSH, SSL, IMAP, POP and cPanel hosting.

9. FREE 24/7 support is the most important feature of a good web hosting plan. If you have any questions or problems about your service, you should be able to get full support from the customer service. And it should be absolutely FREE.

These were some of the features you have to check out before ordering a web hosting plan. At the moment, a normal web hosting package may cost around $10 / Month. Once you order a plan, you don´t need to pay for any extra or hidden fees. And always remember to buy from a reliable web hosting service.

HostGator is one of the world's largest web hosting companies that offers popular and affordable web hosting plans. This service is highly recommended by many webmasters and Internet marketers.

But if you want more options, I suggest you to check out the post below and take a look at the recommended resources:

Web Hosting With FREE Domain Name

In the next posts, I will cover more aspects of web hosting services and their features. Stay tuned and get the latest posts by subscribing to my RSS Feed.

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Registering a Domain Name

Registering a Domain Name is the first step of Building a Website and followed right after the Brainstorming step. After you choose your website type and topic and come up with some profitable keywords that reflect a hot niche market, then you might choose a domain name and register it.

What is a Domain Name?

In a nutshell, a Domain Name is the address of a website that people should type in their browser bar in order to go to that specific website. In fact, your domain name is the name of your site, business or brand name. This is the first element your visitors notice when they visit your website.

Domain Names are used in form of URLs (http://www.YourDomainName.com) and represents one or more IP Addresses ( So, instead of typing that IP Address in the browser bar, you can just type the domain Name even in form of www.YourDomainName.com or YourDomainName.com.

The Structure Of a Domain Name

Basically, a Domain Name is composed of two or more parts. The first part is the section after the final dot (.) and is called Top-Level Domain Name. It can be either a Generic Top-Level Domain Name Extension such as .com, .net, .org or a Country Code Top-Level Domain Name Extension such as .us, .ca, .de.

The second part is the section before the final dot(.) and is called Second-Level Domain Name. This is the main part of your domain name and reflects the name of your business, brand name, keywords or topic. This is the part that you are going to choose and register. Of course, you will also determine which top-level Domain Name you prefer.

Choosing the right domain name will always bring great results. Successful business owners have good domain names and admit the importance of this fact. If you too want to build a successful website, then you should think about choosing and registering a good domain name. That way, you audience will

  • Find Your Website Better
  • Remember Your Website Better

What is a Good Domain Name?

Although there are tons of points you have to notice before registering a domain name, I thought it would be enough to mention the most important ones. Take the following tips into account before registering a domain name:

1. Don´t ever try to take FREE domain names. Remember you are going to build a business and your website and its components are your properties. You have to own them and have full control over your stuffs. A FREE domain name does not give you the full rights. Besides, FREE domain names are parts of a main domain name. So, a FREE domain name is normally too long, ugly and unprofessional.

2. If you have a business or brand name, choose it as your domain name, as well. But, if you don´t, pick a good name. As you may remember from the previous step, you had to find some hot profitable keywords. Choose the best one and check if it is available. That way, you will be able to have a keyword-rich domain name which may help your audience find you better through search engines.

3. Always try to choose a domain name that is short and easy-to-remember. Bear in mind that your visitors should be able to memorize it very easily. I would personally prefer to choose a name less than 20 characters.

4. Your domain name should be easy to read, as well. If you are going to use some abbreviations, fine! But, don´t try to use some strange or unfamiliar names. Like I said before, if people can read it with ease, they would also remember it simply.

5. Avoid using misspellings. A misspelled domain name looks ugly and unprofessional. Only if you have the correct name and believe that many people may spell that name incorrect, you can register a misspelled name, as well and redirect it to the correct one. It would be smart. but if the correct name is someone else´s domain name, you will be wasting your time and money.

6. If possible, don´t use hyphen (dash) in your domain name. A hyphenated domain name may look easy to read for visitors and easy to distinguish for search engines, but it may not be easy to remember and does not look professional. If possible, register both hyphenated and non-hyphenated domain name. That way, you will ensure that you won´t lose any visitor.

7. While there are tons of Top-level Domain Name Extensions, I would prefer to choose only .com because they are more popular. If you can, go and register similar names in different extensions such as .net, .biz, .name, .info. But, .com are more powerful.

Where To Register a Domain Name?

Domain names can be registered by Registrars, companies accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and/or by a national authority. If your chosen name is available, you will be able to take that domain name and register it as your own.

The price of a domain name is usually too cheap and can be paid one time per full year. Sometimes you may get it for FREE if you order a web hosting service, as well. The normal price for a domain name is about $10 USD/ Year.

Always try to register your domain name from a reliable and popular registrar company. There are a number of websites where you can buy a domain name from. GoDaddy.com is the world´s largest registrar on the Internet and I highly recommend it. In the next posts, I will reveal more resources where you can get cheap domain names and even buy or sell your own. Stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS Feed right away!


Hooshmand Moslemi

Building a Website

After completing the Brainstorming step, you are now ready to build your own website from scratch. This phase includes everything that is related to building and publishing a website and can be done on a parallel with other steps, as well. In other words, next steps such as Marketing and Monetizing can be already merged with this step and monitored from now on. 

Building a website should also be based on previous steps. So, you are going to create your own web pages assuming you have researched the market well and found a niche about your desired topic. At this point, you have basically 4 essential steps in front of you. Some of them are one-time actions and the others should be consistently done during the process. In fact, this step is the most determinant phase of your online business.

1. Registering a Domain Name:

The very first step of the Building phase is registering a domain name. Your own domain name is the name of your business or brand. It is the URL address of your website that cannot be changed. So, this action is a one-time action. You have to register a good domain name that reflects your business or brand in a good manner. At least, your domain name should contain your keywords or key-phrases.

2. Getting a Web Hosting Plan:

Next, you should select a web hosting service and get a plan that enables you to host your website on your domain name. A web hosting service gives you the opportunity to upload and publish every kind of file versions you want to have on your site directory and sub-directories.

3. Designing Your Website:

After buying a domain name and a hosting account, you will have to design your own web pages and build your website layout. Headlines, Menus, Navigation Bars, Links and Graphics are a few examples you should think about. At this point, you will publish your web pages on your domain name and upload different files to your hosting server.

4. Creating & Publishing Content:

Actually, this step along with the step 3 can be done in parallel. The content is the main component of your own website and the only element that your audience is looking for. Creating and publishing high-quality content will give value to its readership and develops relationship between the website owner and its visitors.

Like I said before, building a website is not a separate step in the whole process. Rather, it can be combined with other steps, as well and, in some ways, be improved all the time. In the next posts, each and every one of the above-mentioned steps will be explained more deeply. So, if you would like to receive the latest posts and updates, bookmark this blog and subscribe to my RSS Feed!

To Your Online Success!

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