Selling Advertising Space

Selling Advertising Space is another alternative for monetizing your own website and has been one of the traditional and popular methods for site owners and publishers.

Sometimes, this monetization method is categorized under the Affiliate Marketing model due to its similarity. However, since the payment model is slightly different in this method, I thought it would be best if we put it as a special classification called Selling Advertising Space.

You see, like Affiliate Marketing, you would put other websites’ links and advertisements on your website. But, unlike Affiliate Marketing which is based on a special action such as sign up or purchase, this model is different. You would get paid based on CPC (Cost Per click), CPM (Cost Per Mille:1000 Impressions) or Fixed Pricing.

Selling Advertising Space could be the quickest way of cash flow for your business. Since, your visitors don’t need to buy or join anything, your conversion rate (the ratio of visitors who take the desired action) is much much higher.

Once your visitors view the advertisements (In CPM Model) or click through ads (In CPC Model) on your web pages, you will get paid. No matter what they will do afterwards, you will be rewarded and compensated. Sometimes, your visitors don’t even need to do anything in order to make you money. (In Fixed Pricing Model)

On the other hand, the earned revenue in this method compared with Affiliate Marketing is incredibly insignificant. I am talking about a few cents per click or impressions here and there while there are big affiliate commissions to be made in Selling Other People’s Stuff. That’s why relying only on this method is not recommended. You must have multiple streams of income. As you may know, you should not put all your eggs in one basket.

Like I said before, Selling Advertisement Space on your own website or blog should be regarded as the quickest way of monetization and running the cash flow. However, there are some demands and requirements to make as much money as possible from this model which would not fit any newly-published blog or website.

Two Common Requirements For Selling Advertising Space

1. In order to convince advertisers to buy an advertising space on your site or get approved by Ad Marketplaces and Networks, your website must be a high traffic website getting tons of unique visitors and page views each and every day. That way, your earnings would also boost and accelerate.

2. If you want to gain the confidence of advertisers and make them buy advertisement space on your site, you should increase the popularity of your website and get a higher Google PageRank. That way, many advertisers will be willing to buy an ad space on your site for Link Building and Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Regardless of which advertising model you want to choose and what requirements your website meet, you need to find Advertisers and Sponsors, have their ads published on your site and get paid.

How To Find & Run Sponsor Ads For Your Website

1. After getting your website up and running and adding high quality content to your web pages, your next job is to search, find and run advertisements on your website. The very first option is to just sign up for an Advertising Network as a Publisher or Webmaster and wait for getting approved. Then, you can whether let the network put ads on your site automatically or you select the advertisements manually.

2. The second option is to offer this opportunity to Advertisers and Sponsors on your own website by adding a specific section on your web pages called “Advertise Here”, “Become a Sponsor” or “Get Featured On This Website”. In this case, you will need to explain why people should advertise on your site and how they can do that. Also, you need to set the price and state the payment methods. On top of that, you have to assure the Advertisers which Ad Tracking Software you are going to use and how accurate and reliable it is.

While there are a large number of Ad Marketplaces and Advertising Networks on the Internet and more websites are added every single day, introducing all of them would be no use. However, for getting started and putting your feet in the water of online advertising, here are the top 5 advertising networks where you can choose from and start making money with your website as a publisher. Go ahead and check them out:


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Hooshmand Moslemi