Planning a Website

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Website Planning is the second most important step of brainstorming phase and is mostly about setting a plan for your site building project. It is not about market research, site design or anything like that. In fact, this step is more likely a fundamental step and is talking about a step-by-step business plan for the entire process.

The reason why I have put this step in the first phase of site creation process is that without a clear plan you won´t be able to get the job done. After setting goals for your business and generating some ideas for your website such as your site type and topic, then you will need to follow the goals and commitments step by step. You should know how to get started, what the steps are, how to collect the needed information, tools and resources and how to get the job done.

What To Do First?

So, the very first task is to ask a few important questions before starting your project. In fact, these questions will exactly determine a more clear plan for your web business:

1. How much time you can dedicate to your online business?

2. How much money you can spend for your website projects?

3. How big is your financial goal for the short and long term?

4. What are your human resources for your new web business?

5. How much automated will the entire process be in percentage?

6. How personalized do you really want your Internet business to be?

These are the questions that help you set a better plan for your future website. Although many of them could be mentioned a little bit earlier in the step of idea generating or goal-setting, but I think it would be a good idea to mention them here in the Planning step, as well.

Creating a Mind Map

After determining your answers, you will be ready to set a complete plan for your website. My advice is to at least pick a pen and write down every single step on a piece of paper. If you don´t like writing, use an application for creating mind maps in order to brainstorm and plan your projects in an easy way. I would recommend an online program called that is absolutely FREE.

Always be as organized as possible. Build your step by step plan, put it in front of your eyes and stick with it. That way, you will exactly know what to do every time you want to work on your project.

For a better picture of what I am talking about, browse this website carefully and write down the steps. I have laid out a complete action plan that walks you through the entire process step by step. At least, you will figure out how site building works and what the steps are. I suggest to check out the About page where you will see a clear diagram.

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Be Happy!

Hooshmand Moslemi

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