E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing that empowers the usage of electronic mail and considered as the goldmine for most of Internet Marketers.

Having a list of targeted prospects is something that every merchant is looking for. It is regarded as a list that could bring you tons of money. That´s why many people state that the money is in the list.

E-Mail Marketing is a recommended way of getting traffic and promoting a website or product. While there are so many reasons that prove this fact, I am about to point out to only 3 of them:

1. The Traffic is FREE.

You do not need to pay anything. Once you build and grow your E-Mail list, it is yours forever. So, every time you send a message to your contact list containing a link, you will get FREE traffic to that web page.

2. The Traffic is On-Demand.

No matter you communicate with your list now or tomorrow, early in the morning or late night, middle of the week or during the weekend, whenever you send them a message, you get traffic. It is called On-Demand and gives a lot of flexibility to your business.

3. The Traffic is Targeted.

If you build a list of prospects for a special topic and send them only what they are interested in, then you have created and warmed up a list of targeted people that bring your targeted traffic. That´s why E-Mail Marketing is so profitable if done properly.

However, acquiring a list of targeted customers is not a simple job. Back in late 90´s, everyone was quite surprised by getting a single E-Mail message because it was something exciting. But today, it´s different. You would even wish your inbox to be empty. Frankly, many people are really tired of tons of commercial E-Mails that they receive day in day out.

With that being said, using E-Mail communication, as one of direct marketing methods, should be done very carefully to maintain its effectiveness. On top of that, you need to be more cautious and avoid violating the legal requirements. Sending unsolicited commercial messages to everyone is called Spamming and is now regraded as an Internet crime and requests very strict penalties.

Before you even think about creating an E-Mail list and start promoting your website through this channel, you need to educate yourself. You have to discover the basics, tips, tricks and secrets of E-Mail Marketing in order to harness its power and take the most out of it.

While learning E-Mail Marketing is like studying a scientific course and takes a long time to accomplish, it is not unreachable. However, I am going to cover the most important basics of this method and then let you continue the process of learning by recommending the best E-Mail Marketing courses out there. Hope you will find it useful.

The Basics Of E-Mail Marketing

1. The very first thing you need to do is to register for an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a program which automatically answers E-Mail messages sent to it. In other words, it is an E-Mail Marketing and management tool that automates the entire process such as getting subscsriber´s contact information, sorting them into certain lists, sending them pre-written messages and broadcasting.

There are tons of great autoresponders out there with amazing and powerful features which I am not going to get through all of them now. However, there are only 2 services which meet my criteria and I highly recommend them. GetResponse is one of them that I personally use and I’m very happy with this great autoresponder. The second one is AWeber which is also a trusted service used by many top marketers and web businesses. Both are very affordable.

2. Always collect at least 2 data of the subscriber´s contact information; preferably First Name and E-Mail Address (Of Course!). That way, you will be able to personalize your E-Mail Messages which is very effective.

3. Set your marketing campaign as Double Opt-In, not Single Opt-In which means that the subscriber must reconfirm his/her subscription by clicking manually a link in the first message. This way, you will have an incisive proof and avoid getting Spam complaints.

4. Try to sort and target your E-Mail contact list as precise as possible. Not only it helps you manage your list in a very easier way, but also your subscriber will get relevant messages. That´s how E-Mail Marketing should work.

5. Bear in mind that building and growing a list is one thing, warming it up is another. You cannot just create an E-Mail list and forget it and expect great results. You have to build a relationship with your list and get credit as much as possible. That way, you will create a responsive list that trusts you and takes your recommendations seriously which means more profit for you. Successful E-Mail Marketers have proved this fact by creating hugely warm lists.

6. Do not EVER exaggerate your E-mail Marketing efforts. Sending too many commercial messages to even a warmed list is not effective. Remember that E-Mail Marketing should be used as a form of communication, not a promotional method.

7. Try to personalize your messages every now and then. People see it as a direct E-Mail from you and pay more attention to what you are telling them. Treat them as your close friends and talk to them politely and personally. That way, your response rate will reach the roof and bring you great results.

You see how wide E-Mail Marketing is and how powerful it could be. On top of that, this method could turn into a very high-risky promotional method that would end up with trouble and loss. So, education plays a very large role.

The E-mail Marketing basics do not end here. As mentioned before, there are tons of other tips and tricks that you have to discover and implement in order to succeed. Besides, the rules and regulations are always changing and being an up-to-date marketer is a necessity. That´s why a proven guide comes to play.

I have been marketing on the Internet for more than 5 years now and seen a lot of E-Books, guides and courses come and gone. I have checked out lots of them and read the reviews. I have even tried some of them and got to know what they are about. Unfortunately, many of them are useless.

Hopefully, I found a course that delivers what it promises and it does it well. It is developed by a successful team of marketers that E-Mail Marketing is one of their expertise. I am NOT talking about some gurus that have collected their theories and sold it as an ultimate guide. I am talking about real experts giving away their most advanced E-Mail Marketing secrets to you.

So, if you want to move your E-Mail Marketing to the next level, then this course is for you. I highly suggest you to at least check it out now and give it a try. It is worth it!

The Insider Secrets to Email Marketing

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