Things To Consider In Choosing a Free Web Host For Your Website

How To Choose a Free Web Host

A lot of people want and need a website, either for their business, association or personal use. But since not all of them can afford paid hosting, they tend to resort to web hosts that offer free hosting services. It does sound nice to get services for free and some may even think there’s no risk with doing it. But unfortunately, there are a lot of risks when signing up with the wrong free web host.

To register a free web hosting company is pretty easy these days. Meaning, anyone can just create a free web host including scammers. With this type of people, you might end up getting charged with hidden fees in the end even though they said their hosting was for free. They can also disappear in thin air with your website along with them. The best option for you is to go with a reputable company that has been around for years already. Another disadvantage to some free web hosts is providing an unreliable hosting causing your website a lot of downtimes.

Doteasy has been providing hosting services and domain name registration services since 2000. They are trusted by over 160,000 domain name users already and continue to provide great services for their customers. With their free hosting plan, they assure you of no ads on your site or any annoying pop-ups. Some of the free web hosts put ads and pop-ups on your site whether you like it or not in exchange for the free service you are getting from them. If this doesn’t bother you, I’m pretty sure your visitors will. There’s a great possibility that instead of staying on your site, they’ll just navigate away and check your competitor’s site which is much cleaner and easier on the eyes.

There are still many things to consider when choosing the right free web host for you. But so far, I find Doteasy one of the best free web hosts around. They make everything simpler. They provide you with great web tools and their free hosting plan has a lot of great features that not all free web hosts could offer. There’s no monthly fee and no set up fee. And with all the free stuff, they still manage to provide a very reliable hosting. To sign up for a free account, click here.

They also have a special promotion that lets customers to register any domain name such as .com, .net, .org for only $4.95 for your first year with one year free hosting already. Just use the coupon code 0910FWH.