Do You Really Need Your Own Website?

Do You Really Need Your Own Website?

Do You Really Need Your Own Website?

The very first question I usually get asked when I talk to newcomers is if they would really need their own website to get started and I always make it clear for them in the beginning and say YES. I would actually advise everyone to not build his/her business on “FREE Websites”. And here are the main reasons:

1. Remember you are going to build an online business and your own website is your asset on the Internet whether you are going to keep it forever or sell it in the future.

2. With your own website, you and your business will be accessible anywhere online, a place where your potential customers can find you, keep in touch with you and engage.

3. Your own website gives you credit and professionalism, the two elements that you’ll really need to gain from your audience in the first place.

4. You have full control over your own website in terms of its web address, content, marketing methods, tracking and terms and conditions.

5. Your own website is actually your own brand that can be easily recognized by people around the world and be promoted based on the word of mouth marketing.

6.  There are online marketing techniques that can be used without a website. However, experience has shown that most of these techniques can be used even more effectively with your own website.

7. If your business works locally as well, then your own website is the best tool you can use to reach local customers.

I’m sure there are more important reasons why you need your own website and you should. Remember I said that you don’t want to build your business upon “FREE Website”. Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not use them.

On the contrary, you should take advantage of “FREE Website” concept for promotional purposes. In fact, I highly recommend you to build as many free websites as possible all linking to your main professional website. This is so effective for getting traffic and link building which will ultimately lead to more visitors and more potential customers.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Are you going to become a professional business owner who thinks and plans in the right way or you just want to test the water and build your business on free websites? Go right ahead and leave your comments and tell us what you think!