A Website Survey Marketing Tool

If you have been browsing the Internet for a while, chances are you have seen many online surveys so far. Probably you have participated in some of them telling what you think about a specific topic. Well, believe it or not, many companies need to know what their customers think, like and ask. An online survey connects the site owners with their audience. So, it is a win-win situation indeed.

For tracking the visitors and getting their feedback on your site, you need to embed a questionnaire, poll or survey on your web pages and let your audience leave their thoughts. That’s why a reliable and customizable survey tool is required to enhance your web presence and activity.

KissInsights.com is a web survey tool that enables you, as a website owner, to ask questions on your website from your visitors and then analyze the responses. That way, you would be able to find out what they need.

This website survey marketing tool offers currently 2 plans, Free and Premium. With both, you could have unlimited surveys. However, the Free plan is limited while the Premium one could give you more options.

Here is only a few features of this great tool:

  1. The responses are all private. The results are never published publicly. This way, these important data are only accessible to you, not to your competitors!
  2. The results are targeted. You can see who is responding and who is not. That way, you would be able to see and control the activity of your audience and customers.
  3. Each survey is limited to maximum of 2 questions and the reason is to avoid abusing the relationship by taking the customer’s valuable time answering a long survey. We must be polite!
  4. The tool is very easy to use. It’s only a couple of code lines which might be embedded on the web pages and then you’ll good to go. The tool works on many platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, django and much more.

Tracking a website is a must do process which can be done by many different tools and resources. But, analyzing is another important process tightly linked to tracking which allows the owner to learn the feedback, follow the ideas, comments and responses and improve the performance. Online Surveys are one of those best methods for tracking and analyzing.

Note: The site has changed its name to another one!

To Your Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi, The Owner & Author Of MakeaWebsiteNow.com